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AIS provides schools and government agencies with the professional staff and programs needed for supporting the growth, development, and life skills of individuals with special needs.

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Artic Bites LLC

You have a large complicated caseload that is loaded with students who can’t say /r/.  We think you deserve a product that is easy to use and allows your students to understand exactly what they need to do to produce /r/ correctly and consistently.  Our product is the only one designed to increase tongue tension.  The Bite-R’s design creates a placement and tension that allows for the Perfect R to be elicited, often in the first session, and to spontaneously create carryover.  This reduces the time spent in therapy and gives your school/private practice less cost per client.  With the Bite-R, you become the person who moves children from your caseload efficiently.


  •    Save money by purchasing the kit that fits your budget and needs.
  •    Take the Free Live Online Training provided with every sale.
  •    Quickly remediate the R sound and remove children from your caseload.

Buy any kit, Quick Start, Start-Up, Caseload or Replacement and receive an additional Bite-R w/ case at no charge!

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The District of Columbia Telecommunications Relay Service (DC Relay) is a program of the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia. DC Relay provides a 24-hour communication service that connects people who are deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind, or have difficulty speaking that may use specialized telephone equipment to people who use standard telephones.




Discovery Toys 

Business is all fun and games at Discovery Toys. We sell educational toys, games, books, and music for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary-aged children. Discovery Toys is committed to bringing fun, safe and developmentally appropriate toys and products to children and adults of all abilities and special needs. Children with developmental disabilities, like all children, develop at a unique rate and pattern of development. Our products have useful applications for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

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Eyetech Digital Systems

“EyeTech has been pioneering eye-tracking technology for Windows and Android speech devices since 1996. EyeTech’s latest EyeOn AT platform combines the portability of a tablet with the predictive power of eye tracking in a modern, ultra-slim, lightweight Windows device designed for AAC applications, accessibility, environment control, health AI, medical screening, and eye tracking research.”

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The EAT Bar

The EAT Bar started with a singular focus: To help others with one of life’s most important pleasures, eating. It is the vision of a speech-language pathologist who saw families and friends struggle to find food options that were both tolerable and satisfying for a loved one who needed a food that was easy to swallow. The result is The EAT Bar: a crunchy, flavor-filled, melt-in-your-mouth treat that provides a full sensory experience.

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The Lab School

Job Posting:

Speech-Language Pathologist (CCC or CF-SLP) – Immediate opening 

For the 2020-2021 school year at The Lab School of Washington: a dynamic arts-infused program for students with learning differences. Full-time position.

Requirements include a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology, enthusiasm for working with students with learning differences, excellent interpersonal, written language and communication skills.

Candidates should be interested in all areas of school-based speech-language pathology, and specifically those related to therapeutic intervention for reading, written expression, and executive function skills.

Join a dynamic, warm, and collaborative team of colleagues. Lab encourages candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Please submit cover letter, resume, employment application (found on the school’s homepage under “Employment and Internships”) and three references to Melissa Wood at​

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The Write Turn

The Write Turn® provides evidence-based strategies and instructional methods that guide students through the writing process and go beyond a typical writer’s workshop. Strategies include the FIX Strategy for revising and self-regulation, which helps students make “meaningful changes” that improve the quality of their stories and essays. Students consistently benefit from this explicit instruction as they learn to incorporate strategies into the writing process and generalize these strategies into the classroom curriculum.

**INTERACTIVE WORKBOOKS LAUNCHING IN SEPTEMBER: The Write Turn will be launching the first-of-their-kind interactive student workbooks. These workbooks give teachers a unique platform to collaborate with students while providing explicit writing instruction; both in person and online. More importantly, students will be able to master the writing process (brainstorming, organizing, writing and revising) with greater ease and fluidity.

The Write Turn provides educators with the tools they need to help their students become more proficient writers. A one-day seminar provides:

• Explicit strategy instruction for revising and self-regulation (The FIX Strategy)

• Explicit strategy instruction for brainstorming and categorizing ideas

• Explicit strategy instruction for annotating text and using annotations in essays

• Mnemonics and graphic organizers that help students transform their ideas into detailed sentences and paragraphs

• Hands-on training and worksheets for every genre (narrative, explanatory, persuasive and informative)

• Detailed lesson plans that meet the Common Core State Standards and guide students through the writing process

• Access to FIX Strategy interactive student workbooks**

• Options for continued online materials

Students are introduced to strategies that improve the quality of their writing through:

• Planning, writing, and revising skills (The FIX Strategy)

• Brainstorming, categorization, and organizational skills

• Language processing skills that improve sentence/paragraph writing

• Annotating text and writing more detailed and complex topic sentences

• Sentence-combining & writing grammatically correct sentences

• Internalizing writing and self-regulation strategies

​​Pre- and post-instruction data recently collected from students.

Average # of words/story Average # of words/essay Average # of revisions Overall Quality

(scale of 1-5)

Pre- instruction 112 81 0.41 2.3
Post- instruction 348 397 23 4.4

To learn more click here: The Write Turn


UCES Protection Plan

The UCES Protection Plan was designed to support your financial opportunities by implementing positive habits to create and maintain a strong financial future.

Our unique collection of services have been carefully selected to provide protection and opportunity over the many aspects of your finances- all combined into one easy-to-use system. Your membership can help to ensure you and your family are safeguarding the assets that you’ve earned and those you have to come.

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